We have identified thirteen major for profit Industry sectors. Each sector has numerous subsectors.

We have identified seven major risk areas which are common to most businesses. The costs or losses associated with the happening of any of these major risks can be catastrophic to your business. These are the primary risks to be covered in our Create New Owner’s Goals Capital Business Risk Management ModelTM.

They are: Loss of Key Person (including you), Loss of Key Vendor or Supplier, Loss of Key Customer or Key Contract, Cyber Risk, Brand or Reputation Rehabilitation, Administrative or Regulatory Actions, and Legal Defense Costs.

Each Industry has special risks that are associated with that industry. Examples are Loss of Hospital Privileges for the Medical Services Industry or Crop Insurance for the Agricultural Industry.

Our Business Risk Management Model also permits your business to replace some of your existing commercial insurance coverages with similar or better coverage within the participatory reinsurance entity. After claims, the reinsurance company does return unused insurance assets to the business owner of the insured. This is in stark contrast to all other commercial insurance carriers.

For an listing of Business Risk Management coverages per industry, please click on these links for a PDF download:

Medical Industry Risks

Manufacturing Industry Risks

Food and Agricultural Industry Risks

Construction Industry Risks

Professional Services Industry Risks

Financial & Mortgage Industry Risks

IT & Software Industry Risks

Wholesale Trade Industry Risks

Retail Trade Industry Risks

Energy Industry Risks

Transportation Industry Risks

Real Estate & Accommodations Industry Risks

Sports & Entertainment Industry Risks